Responsive theme and development for appointment booking application

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Talkiatry is a New York based startup that is reinventing the way people connect with mental health professionals. We collaborated with a design firm to create a mobile-first, responsive website.

The website provides a thoughtful user experience that draws potential strategic partners and future clients into email marketing funnels by targeting users behavior to route users into appropriate segments.

Talkiatry is a maintenance and support client and we are actively developing the next iteration of the site which will open the door to client booking and calendar syncing.

On the go bookings and simple interface came highly recommended and I have not hesitated in giving out their contact information to friends. I have kept working with Saied for various updates to my website as well as ongoing maintenance and support and look forward to continue doing so.

Robert Krayn Founder, Talkiatry

Elegant subscription popup connected to email marketing API

The Talkiatry team has formed a number of partnerships with insurance providers and private practitioners. The site currently serves as a networking hub to pull in additional partnerships and clients, for the launch of the subsequent two phases of the site. Currently, users who navigate to their areas of interest are tagged into an appropriate email list.

Layout of doctor portal in second phase of project.