Stevie Howell

Performance enhancement, custom templating, eCommerce inventory management

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Stevie Howell offers a beautiful collection of one-of-a-kind, patterned textiles. Her products are sold on her website and at boutiques across the country.

From conversations with Stevie, we learned that her product was doing well at stockist locations but her eCommerce business was being outpaced. Prior to a winter promotion Stevie Howell and strategized a technical refactoring of the site to boost performance. The changes were launched the evening before the event which subsequently brought in 5x the annual revenue in a 24 hour period.

Site catalogue reformatted to ideal file type, scale and compression to improve performance.

We walked a careful line to preserve product detail across viewports while not compromising on optimum load times.

After auditing the site we targeted key improvements to achieve the biggest gains in performance.

We processed a PHP upgrade after scanning the site for compatibility and patching any conflicts. We additionally configured gzip compression rules specific to the site's file types and paired them with appropriate expiration dates for static resources. CSS and JavaScript were compiled then tested in a development environment before being pushed to the live site. Also, a custom cacheing protocol was setup for the client's Virtual Private Server.

Lastly, to assist with future product launches tutorials were sent to Stevie's team demonstrating best practices when creating and uploading images to the site.

The shopping experience was dramatically improved