Custom calendar and event feed for NY's largest LGBTQ Film Festival

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Newfest provides year round screenings and events to highlight LGBTQ films. They also put together New York largest LGBTQ Film Festival every October. Newfest and have partnered together for the last five years to maintain and support their web presence.

For year round screenings the site displays a feed of upcoming events and past events in a custom template that offers faceted search and custom displays (calendar, week, month, feed). For the annual event we convert all event feeds into a custom display that sorts, color codes genres and highlights featured events.

Calendar view with genre color coding

Saied has been a great partner and adviser. He is smart, informed, responsive, efficient, patient and good humored. We feel very grateful to be working with him.

David Hatkoff Executive Director, Newfest

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For 2019's one week festival received over 100,000 visitors with zero downtime. When the festival is complete we move through our documented process of de-installing the festival customizations and convert to the year round event feed. The Newfest team debriefs us on any features requests or insights from the festival and we setup a feature board to plan for the upcoming year.

For a festival with venues all over NYC it is imperative the site be user friendly on phones