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Custom templating and SEO, client of 6 years

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MeiLi Autumn Beauty is Maui's best hair and makeup team. When MeiLi was referred to us her site was built on a custom CMS and was struggling to show up on the first page of Google search results. We rebuilt the site on WordPress, and over the last six years have worked through several campaigns, landing pages and an ongoing keyword strategy to build her business.

Over the years the MAB team has consistently received rewards and press. Also, MeiLi is always looking ahead to the next content campaign from custom team videos/photoshoots to opening a storefront. With all this momentum has served as a partner to make sure the digital experience never lags behind MAB's lightening pace.

Responsive design and simple solutions to improve the sales funnel.

I am writing this letter to anyone thinking of hiring Saied to do their website or web related work. I have grown my business from a small freelancer site to a business website that brings in over 400k in revenue a year and Saied was there from the start helping with design, SEO, functionality and performance. I can honestly say I would not have been as successful without his help and management of the site. Our initial design has been upgraded a few times over our years together and each new design has higher functionality better results.. he systematically ensured that my site was operating at a high level and checked it monthly for bugs and glitches.

He is creative, incredibly knowledgeable in wordpress and SEO management and above all very pleasant and professional. He is resourceful and will always find solutions within hours and is always accessible. I have enjoyed working with Saied immensely and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a client focused web genius who is also creative and savvy. I wish there were more Saied's out there!

MeiLi Coon Founder, MAB

Custom template to detail services and highlight trends in the bridal world

The bridal industry is competitive and fluid -- we are constantly reinventing components of the site to showcase current trends and MAB's latest work. These campaigns are always coupled with tailored copy and SEO Infrastructure to keep the site's ranking for valuable searches high.

Custom gallery design for individual weddings