Custom WordPress theme for international eCommerce store

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Marias is a boutique luxury brand that blends craftsmanship with contemporary design. With locations in London, Miami, Guatemala City, South Africa and more -- their eCommerce store presented a number of challenges for their team to manage stock, shipping and pricing. From design to launch we worked to create an elegant and minimalist style for customers that could simultaneously ease logistical headaches.

The site's single database records product stock across POS systems, an English version of the site and a Spanish version of the site enabling Marias to easily track their limited stock.

With an international audience it was important to bypass any automatic translation services so the site is built with the ability to copy and sync all pages and products across an English and Spanish admin allowing for fine-tooth customizations or sweeping updates across both versions of the site.

Sleek filter toggle slides out from offscreen, keeping the focus on the product.

From Analytics it was evident a smooth mobile experience was invaluable

Working with our designer we recreated Marias' atheistic, substituting in a grayscale palette to showcase the vibrant colors of their bags. During our planning phase we mapped a new site architecture that would present collections of products to tell each line's story and highlight the fleeting availability of products.

Cart and checkout preview built into site header